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ADCH Soja Sprite's Brea du Trieu de Leers SchH3 UDX TDX AX OAJ
2005 USDAA Nationals Grand Prix finalist

OFA Good/Normal elbows, CERF clear
D.O.B.: 03/28/2001

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OFA BT-3958G25F-PI Hips (Good)/BT-EL1324F25-PI Elbows (Normal)
CERF BT-2827/2006
No known seizures at 5+ years of age.

Soja is a 100% working bred bitch, with a very strong pedigree based on the best of the French Ringsport Malinois and Tervuren.

Soja is a happy, outgoing dog who gets along well with everyone. She is one of the most clever dogs I've ever owned and possesses a keen sense of humor. Soja is bold, curious, and bright-eyed. Following a difficult puppyhood filled with energy and constant chewing and playing, she has matured into a clean, quiet, devoted housepet for our family. Soja is tolerant of my 3 year old son's rambunctious behavior, and gets along well with visiting dogs. Always ready to play or work, she is a joy to own and train.

Working Ability:
Soja is intensely food and toy motivated. She has tireless energy and drive, along with focused willingness to please. She has no environmental issues or fears of novel locations, surfaces or situations. She works with very little reward without loss of enthusiasm.

By two and a half years of age, Soja had completed all three schutzhund titles, with scores up to 282p for her Schutzhund 3 title, including a high in trial award. In every competition she has entered she has earned the "high obedience in trial" award.

Soja is an energizer bunny in any and all dog sports. She is always ready to work; in heat, rain, under stressful conditions, and in novel environments. Her specialty is flashy, accurate obedience work. In protection, she works in very high drive at all times, showing intensity, love of biting and tremendous speed on impact with the helper.

Soja is currently training and competing in agility (and occasionally other performance venues!) with her co-owner, Derede Arthur, in Salinas, California. Soja shows great promise as a super fast, responsive agility dog and we have very high expectations of Derede and Soja!

Structure and Overall Appearance:
Soja is a small bitch at 21.5" tall and weighing approximately 40 pounds. Her angulation front and rear is moderate and balanced. Soja's movement is clean and smooth. Back length is medium with a firm topline and an excellent underline. Bone is light to medium. Coat is deep red with significant blackening and extension masking. Ears are medium sized and well-placed. Headplanes are parallel with correct stop. Expression is soft and appealing. Overall impression is of a feminine, confident female with a pleasing expression and outline.


Breeding Record

Soja's two litters have exceeded our expectations. Puppies from her "E" litter are excelling in activities as diverse as agility, schutzhund, obedience, tracking, and dock diving! She produces a uniformity of temperament which is rare in an outcrossed pedigree—every puppy is highly driven to work, focused, easily motivated; social with people and neutral with other dogs. They are exceptionally stable, intelligent and learn new behaviors easily and with great enthusiasm. Each puppy owner has expressed to me their delight with their new working companion. I expect that Soja will continue to produce top quality working dogs for Sprite Tervuren.


"E" Litter w:5/24/04 (Soja x Reko)
"H" Litter w:6/2/07 (Soja x Quake)

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