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OTCH Sprite's Eureka SchH2 TD UDX
OFA Excellent/Elbows normal/Thyroid normal, CERF clear
D.O.B.: 05/24/2004

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OFA BT-4612E25F-PI Hips (Excellent)/BT-EL1917F25-PI Elbows (Normal)/
BT-253/25F-PI Thyroid (Normal), CERF BT-3153N/2006
No known seizures.

Raika impresses everyone with her sparkling personality; she is bold, inquisitive, cheerful, and devoted to her owner. Her intensity is present in all of her daily activities, from racing up the hillside to digging a bone out of the seat cushions. Raika is demanding of attention and persistent about getting whatever she wants. She is tolerant of my children and accepts rambunctious behavior without fear or agression. Raika is social to neutral with visiting dogs. She is a joy to own and train.

Working Ability:
Raika has no environmental fears or issues with surfaces, novel locations or unusual situations. She is intensely food and toy motivated.

I kept Raika because of her early promise as a schutzhund dog; she has not disappointed me. She has excellent energy and drives for all three phases of schutzhund. In tracking she is hard working and in high drive. In obedience she shows her dam's influence (Soja) in the accurate, flashy picture she presents. And in protection she shows hard, full mouth grips, intense eye contact with the helper, balanced drives (prey and active aggression), natural love of fight, and superb self confidence.

Structure and Overall Appearance:
Raika is a medium sized bitch at 23" and 45 pounds. Her angulation front and rear is correct and balanced. Her movement is clean and smooth from all angles. Back length in medium with a firm topline. Bone is medium to heavy. Coat is a deep red with excellent texture and quantity. Ears are medium sized and well placed on her head. Expression is soft and appealing. Overall impression is of a feminine, confident female with a pleasing expression and outline.


Breeding Record:

Raika's first litter is just hitting their stride competitively, while her second litter is showing a lot of promise. If you are an experienced trainer who is looking for a seriously competitive working dog for agility, schutzhund or SAR, feel free to contact me about Raika's future breeding plans.