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CH U-CD HR Legacy's Mountain Sprite UDT, OA, AD, SchH3, IPO1, FH, HIC,CKC CD
OFA Excellent/Normal elbows, CERF clear
D.O.B.: 12/13/1993

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Justin is both our first Belgian Tervuren and an outstanding representative of the breed. He exemplifies many of the qualities that we wish to produce in our breeding program and he is the foundation of Sprite Tervuren.

Justin has moved to Canada to spend his retirement years pursuing Canadian performance titles, working as an all purpose ranch dog, and acting as a devoted friend and companion to Walter English.

While Justin is desperately missed at Sprite Tervuren, I am grateful to Walter for providing this opportunity for my very, very special boy.

OFA: hips BT-2485E24M, Elbows BT-EL264
CERF: BT-1688/98-56

No known seizures to date (11+ years). He is a consistently healthy dog, never showing any allergies, skin problems, or other sensitivities. Likewise, his littermates and his parents have demonstrated excellent health and a strong basic constitution.

Justin is a working dog with a rock solid temperament. His most desirable working qualities are his ability to learn and retain new skills very quickly, his enthusiasm for attempting any new activity or challenge, and his willingness to accept direction. He also shows a number of other excellent attributes including: utter devotion to his family; cheerful and constant good nature; enthusiasm for any and all work; balance between prey and defensive drives; excellent recovery from stress; courage; work ethic and low distractibility. He is a very serious worker, and rarely makes mistakes once an exercise is understood.

Structure and Overall Appearance:
Justin is very sound. He has one of the best front assemblies that I've seen on a Belgian Tervuren and a balanced rear as well. This combines to create extremely smooth, balanced movement. He measures 24" tall and 24.5" long. Justin presents the appearance of a much larger dog, due to his substantial bone structure and his thick coat. His topline is absolutely solid.



"A" Litter w:2/12/1999 (Justin x Fem)
"C" Litter w:8/25/2000 (Justin x Cinder)

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