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Sprite's Con Forte de Fanfare CDX,SchH3,IPO3,FH
OFA Excellent/normal elbows
CERF clear
D.O.B.: 8/25/1999

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Forte exemplifies many of the qualities that we were shooting for in our first Sprite breeding: high trainability and desire to please coupled with strong, balanced drives, health, and handsome exterior. Forte has the distinction of being the first dog in his litter to title in Schutzhund, and the first dog of our breeding to compete nationally (AWDF and AWMA National Championships).

OFA BT-3744E32M-PI (Excellent)/BT-EL1143M32-PI Elbows (Normal)
CERF: BT-2509/2003--41

No known seizures at 5+ years of age.

Forte's most desirable working qualities are his ability to learn new skills very quickly, his athleticism, balanced prey and defense drives; full, calm bite, and quickness.

Structure and Overall Appearance:
Forte is 23.5" tall and 50 lbs. He has a warm fawn coat with moderate overlay.



"D" Litter w:5/28/03 (Forte x Isis)

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