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Rapine du Chenil de France PT
OFA Good/Elbows normal/GDC Excellent/Normal elbows, hocks, and shoulders, CERF clear
D.O.B.: 7/30/1995

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Cinder came to our home June 30, 1998. I considered her a dog in need of a new home, but our intention had not been to keep her. While I was pleased with many of her physical attributes, she showed no "enthusiasm" for anything, including food, toys, people or her environment. She has shown dramatic improvement in some areas, and very little in others. Cinder has certainly taught me that temperament, working ability, and personality are distinctly different concepts.

Cinder is quite unusual for a Tervuren, as she carries a very strong working pedigree based on excellent French Ringsport lines. She is tightly linebred on Working CH Rodrigue des Pierres de Chalin, FR3, and his sire, Working CH Marlo de la Fecht FR3.

OFA BT-3046G37F Hips (Good)/BT-EL593F37 Elbows (normal)
GDC GDC13391 Hips (Excellent)/Elbows (normal)/Hocks (normal)/Shoulders (normal)
CERF: BT-1980/98-37

Cinder has shown excellent health. She has had no known seizures, no skin problems or allergies, and no other sensitivities. Unfortunately, very little is known about her parents or her littermates in terms of health.

Structure and Overall Appearance:
Cinder possesses a lovely, clean head with parallel planes and a pretty expression. She has nicely set ears of a good shape and size. She has an excellent black mask. Her color is a "cream", otherwise known as Grey. She has a nicely placed shoulder, and is balanced front and rear. She has a perfect croup and tail set with proper length. Her bone is in proportion to her size. She has smooth movement from the side. Cinder is a relatively small bitch at 21" tall and 40 pounds.

It is difficult to determine Cinder's "genetic" temperament at this time, as she has spent most of her life in a kennel with relatively little stimulation or socialization. Since arriving, she has become more animated and expressive,and she continues to make obvious progress. She has become very fond of food, but still pays no attention to toys.

When Cinder arrived, she was frightened of people and extremely submissive. At this time, she has become very willing to approach people, either solicited or unsolicited, in the hopes of getting either attention or a snack. While she has become fairly social towards friendly strangers, she still retains some submissive behaviors.

She works hard not to displease us; more so than either of our other dogs. I anticipate earning the lower level obedience titles (BH, CD) without much difficulty.

Cinder has begun training in a number of sports, and has surprised everyone with her progress. At first, Cinder was allowed to watch protection from the sidelines, where she was oblivious to the action for the first three months she was here. Things changed rapidly after that, when suddenly one day she began barking at the agitator on the field, and clearly displayed her interest in participating.

Cinder hasn't looked back. While working in protection, she is a strong and powerful small bitch who takes protection work seriously. Cinder throws herself into the sleeve and bites hard and full with great energy and intensity. She works most strongly in defense, and is just beginning to recognize prey behavior. Cinder thrives on very strong threat. She is showing herself to be a calm and methodical tracking dog as well.

The stark contrast between Cinder's "working" and "non-working" temperament have led me to conclude that her first few years in a kennel have severely affected her normal daily interactions with the world. On the field, her "working pedigree" is most obviously evident.

Cinder competed for PT (Pre-trial) title on September 19, 1998 at the Redwood Belgian Tervuren Fanciers Test in Pescadero, California. Cinder had first been exposed to sheep five weeks earlier, and had only been able to train on occasional weekends since then. Another herding enthusiast felt she had enough natural talent that she could pass her PT without significant exposure, so I skipped the HT altogether and signed her up for the PT after her second herding lesson.

Cinder did not disappoint me. She did an excellent job completing the course, keeping her sheep under control and working steadily and smoothly.

The judges made the following comments on her scoresheets:

Gayle Dugan: "nice, nice dog"

Alison Ruhe: "Happy, enthusiastic worker--nice handling. Shows lots of promise as a team"


"C" Litter w: 8/25/2000 (Justin x Cinder)

Cinder has been placed in a terrific pet home where she is thriving!

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