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Rising Stars


OTCH Sprite's Eureka SchH2 TD UDX
"Raika" is the daughter of our Soja SchH3 UD. Raika is highly social, happy, focused, environmentally stable, loves to work and has a strong will to please, with excellent bite quality and the beginnings of correct aggression for schutzhund work.


OTCH Tarkatan Cisu SchH3 FH1 UDX TD
"Cisu" comes from Kennel Tarkatan in Finland, bringing working qualities that showcase her lineage of Atos, Ivan d2P, and Stoned. Cisu is the dam of our "F" litter.


ADCH Soja Sprite's Brea du Trieu de Leers SchH3 UDX TDX AX OAJ
"Soja" hails from kennel Trieu de Leers in Lille, France. Soja's flash and speed make her a reallly fun dog to work in any sport! Soja is the dam of our "E" litter.


Sierra Sprite's Isis du Trieu de Leers SchH1
"Isis" arrived with half sister Soja in February 2001, joining Gerry D'Souza and Lana Ruiseco in Seattle as Gerry's sport dog. Isis is the dam of our "D" litter.

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