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"H" Litter (Quake x Soja)

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The Soja x Quake (Sprite's Force of Nature SchH1) litter was born June 2, 2007 with three girls and two boys!

Soja's first litter has proven to be exceptional. Every puppy has excelled in their chosen sports, ranging from schutzhund to dock diving to agility and obedience (see "E" litter for current results for these puppies). Each of them has become well known regionally and/or nationally for whatever their owners have chosen to do with them. It is obvious that Soja "stamps" her offspring with her enthusiastic working personality, will to please, focus, drives and extreme intelligence.

Quake was selected as the sire for Soja's second litter. Quake is a young "homebred" male from the Cisu/Rudy litter of 2005. He is stable, confident and shows full hard grips in schutzhund. Quake gets along very well with new dogs and people. He shows correct agression for schutzhund work and tremendous athleticism and speed for competition agility.

Quake and Soja have much in common. Both are very driven dogs with a high will to please and excellent working qulitites. I hope to cement the common strengths of both parents with this breeding, while bringing a calmer learning style and the full, hard bites and agression required for high level schutzhund competition. Experience suggests that all or most of the puppies in this litter will be excellent workers in a range of sports.



ADCH Soja Sprite's Brea du Trieu de Leers SchH3 UD AX OAJ - Soja

Soja's Page


Sprite's Force of Nature SchH3 - Quake

Posing w/jolly ball

You can find more more information and updates on their Blog.


MACH Sprite's Haute Volée UD OA NAJ NF AAD - Wings
2009 USDAA Nationals Steeplechase 1st Place, Grand Prix Semi-Finalists
2010 European Open - 17th place
Derede Arthur - Agility, Tracking, Obedience

11 weeks
Mommy n' me - 11w
Tunnel - 12w

Sprite's Helrazor AD - Razor
Judy Turner - Agility & Performance

8 weeks

Sprite's Haiku in Motion RN - Haiku
Eva Canova - Ringsport, Agility, Obedience

7 weeks


Sprite's Harmattan AX AXJ - Dervish
Wendie Schneider - Agility & Tracking

5 weeks
6 months

Sprite's Hullabaloo BH CD NA - Baloo
Peggy Robinson - Schutzhund, Agility, Obedience
OFA Prelim'd Hips good/Thyroid/CERF clear '08

8 weeks
12 weeks

Pedigree: Quake x Soja Litter

Sprite's Force of Nature SchH1 CTr Rudy de Contrescarpe FR3 (T) Jocker de Contrescarpe FR3 MR3 (T) Cerdan des Garrigues de la Madeleine FR3 (T)
Galen des Orges Foin (T)
Pessel du Musher MR2 (T) Mario du Musher FR3 (T)
sr Osia du Musher FR2 MR2 (T)
Tarkatan Cisu SchH3 FH1 UDX TD CTr sr Nimba Des Loups du Makenzie FR3 (T) Cerdan des Garrigues de la Madeleine FR3 (T)
Isis du Domaine de la Rocheliere (T)
KVA Umlaut van de Duvetorre SchH3 IPO3 (T) Stoned van de Duvetorre IPO3 (M)
Pigrine (M)
ADCH Soja Sprite's Brea du Trieu de Leers SchH3 CDX TDX OA AXJ (T) CTr Lewis (T) Felgos du Chemin des Plaines FR3 (M) Elgos du Chemin des Plaines FR3,MR3 (M)
Bianca du Clan des Samourais (M)
Halva FR1 (M) Billy de Mallassagne FR3 (M)
Fleur du Patios des Bergers (M)
Oursonne du Trieu de Leers (T) End du Musher FR3 (T) CTr Arock de la Source Bien Aimee (T)
Aupale du Musher FR2,RCI2,SpH (T)
Fiona du Vert Touquet (T) Snoupy de la Cite Des Mauges FR3 (T)
Cuiny de la Terre Aimee (T)

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