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"F" Litter (Rudy x Cisu)

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The much anticipated Rudy x Cisu litter arrived on May 7, 2005 with four boys and seven girls!

This litter shows the willingness to please, stability, focus, friendliness, intelligence and extreme working drives of the dam. The sire, Rudy, was chosen for his calm, full bites; athleticism, confidence; trainability, drive, and consistent strength in the protection work at the highest levels of competition. This is a linebreeding on Cerdan des Garrigues de la Madeleine FR3, two time competitor in the Coupe d'France.



Tarkatan Cisu SchH3 FH1 CD TD - Cisu

Cisu's Page


CTr Rudy de Contrescarpe FR3 - Rudy

Rudy's Page


Family Reunion - 19 weeks (LR: Cricket, Quake, Cisu, Annika, Ghira)
Puppy Pile - Cricket, Quake, Cisu, Annika, Ghira
Finn & Tilt - 6 months
Team Canada - Denise, Aamer w/Farrah, Valeri w/Fresca, & Christopher w/Diva
Team Sprite at Wild West Dog Sports - Patrice w/Ghira, Leslie w/Quake, and Patti w/Annika
Quake and Cricket


MACH2 ADCH Sprite's Full Tilt TD XF AD JJ - Tilt
2011 USDAA Nationals - 1st Place/22"
2009 AKC Agility Invitationals - 3rd Place/20"
2008 AKC Agility Invitationals - 2nd Place/20"
Marie McLinn - Performance
OFA Good/Elbows normal/CERF clear '06

Headstudy - 7w
Wet dog - 9w
Headstudy - 12w
Stack - 12w
Herding - 16w
Herding - 16w
Herding (stop) - 16w
Herding video - 1 meg (Flash) | 4 meg (Quicktime)
Portrait in fall foliage - 6m
Tracking - 6.5m © Kathy Champine
Headstudy - 6.5m
Headstudy - 10m
Tracking - 10m
Tracking style - 10m
TD - 12m
Snowy Portrait - 20m
Agilty debut - 2 meg (Flash)
Open JWW 12/06 - 2 meg (Flash)
See Tilt's YouTube videos

Sprite's Farrah IPO3 SchH3 - Farrah
Aamer Sachedina - Schutzhund
OFA Good/Elbows Grade 1 DJD/CERF clear '07

Headstudy - 7w
Sitting pretty - 9w
Carry - 14w
Sleeve - 14w
Bite quality - 14w
Front - 7m
Kid's dog - 9m
Bitework w/Michael Ellis - 15m ©Tracy Riley

MACH Sprites Firefly - Cricket
Mona Schlageter- Performance
OFA Good/Elbows Grade 1 DJD Uni (R)

Headstudy - 7w
Portrait - 8w
Beach - 13w
Kayak - 19w
Bumper retrieve - 19w
Big stick - 6m
Sprinkler - 6m
Stack - 8m
Big stick - 9m
Headstudy - 9m
Agility Tunnel - 10m
Back Pack - 12m
On the fence - 12m
Weaving sequence one-footin' and how low...
Portrait - 17m
Bar Jump - 19m
Sitting Pretty - 20m

Sprite's Full of Grace SchH3 - Annika
Patti O'Neill- Schutzhund & Human Remains Detection
OFA Excellent hips/elbows normal/thyroid normal

Headstudy - 7w
Frisbee - 8w
Mug - 11w
Standing - 14w
Tug - 14w
Airborne - 6m
Environmental Pressure - 6m
Catch - 9m
Sit in Motion - 20m

Sprite's Fresca SchH3 IPO3 - Fresca
Valerie Rowley - Schutzhund
OVC Normal hips/elbows #0035952

Headstudy - 7w
Training day - 10w
Retrieve - 11w
Deep nose - 12w
Front - 6m
Portrait - 12m
Series from Michael Ellis seminar ©Tracy Riley
   Ready to work - 15m
   Launch - 15m
   Catch - 15m
   Carry - 15m
Fresca's SchH1 performance on YouTube:

Sprite's Fuego en el Cielo - Stormy
MacDonald Family - Pet

Headstudy - 7w
Lookin' up - 10w
Fountain - 18w
Jollyball - 6m
Birthday Portrait - 12m

Sprite's French Vanilla VPG2 IPO3 AD RE CGC TDI - Ghira
Patrice Lambourne - Performance
CHIC/OFA Excellent/Elbows normal/Thyroid normal/Cataracts

Headstudy - 7w
Headstudy - 11w
Headstudy - 19w
Sitting pretty - 6m
Pounce - 6.5m
Schutzhund (grip) - 9m
Schutzhund (launch) - 9m
See Ghira's
YouTube Video of her VPG1 protection routine


Sprite's Force of Nature SchH3 - Quake
Leslie Bosserman - Schutzhund
OFA Excellent/normal elbows/CERF clear '07

Headstudy - 7w
WWF - 8w
Strike a pose - 11w
Heeling - 19w
Heeling - 19w
Front - 19w
Bitework - 9m
Sitting - 10m
Sitting Pretty - 20m
Jolly ball - 2y
Tracking - 2y

Sprite's Facsimile BH - Fax
Melissa Settle - Schutzhund

Headstudy - 7w
Tug - 8w
Dumbbell - 8w
Grip - 14w
Bitework video - 2 meg (Flash) | 2.2 meg (WMV)
Grip - 9m

U-P1 Sprite's Feisty Finnegan SchHA- Finn
Marilyn Fox - Schutzhund/PP
OFA Fair/elbows/CERF clear '08

Headstudy - 7w
Mugging for camera - 8w
Stack - 6m
Profile - 6m
Profile - 6m
Protection work - 9m
Grip - 9m

Sprite's Freki Odin - Odin
Brandi Loudon - Certified Service Dog

Headstudy - 7w
Headstudy - 19 months

You can find more baby pictures of the litter on their Blog.

Pedigree: Rudy x Cisu Litter

CTr Rudy de Contrescarpe FR3 (T) Jocker de Contrescarpe FR3 MR3 (T) Cerdan des Garrigues de la Madeleine FR3 (T) Atos FR3 (M)
Bel'Gueule de Vulcain (M)
Galen des Orges Foin (T) Ergos des Anges L'Enfer FR3 (M)
Cyrsee du Glorieux Pitou (T)
Pessel du Musher MR2 (T) Mario du Musher FR3 (T) CTr Duke du Lac du Lezert FR3 (T)
Defi de la Noaillerie (T)
sr Osia du Musher FR2 MR2 (T) End du Musher FR3 (T)
Folie du Musher (T)
OTCH Tarkatan Cisu SchH3 FH1 UDX TD CTr sr Nimba Des Loups du Makenzie FR3 (T) Cerdan des Garrigues de la Madeleine FR3 (T) Atos FR3 (M)
Bel'gueule de Vulcain (M)
Isis du Domaine de la Rocheliere (T) Ely des Loups Mutins FR3 (M)
Anouk de la Cite des Grands Feux (M)
KVA Umlaut van de Duvetorre SchH3,IPO3 (T) Stoned van de Duvetorre IPO3 (M) CTr Elgos du Chemin des Plaines FR3,MR3 (M)
Pita (M)
Pigrine (M) Nuts (M)
Lara du Boscaille (M)

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