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"E" Litter (Reko x Soja)

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The Reko x Soja litter arrived on May 24, 2004, with five baby girls!

This litter really reflects the willingness to please, boldness, focus, friendliness, structure, intelligence and extreme working drives of the dam. The sire, Reko, was chosen for his calm, full bites; confidence; trainability, drive, incredible strength in the protection work and working pedigree. He is also a full sibling to Tarkatan's Aqua, the 2003 World Agility Champion.

In every venue attempted this litter has proven to be exceptional. They are intense, energetic, focused, intelligent, highly driven, and a pleasure to train.



Soja Sprite's Brea du Trieu de Leers SchH3 CD AX OAJ AAD SS SG SR - Soja

Soja's Page


Tarkatan Ammoniakki SchH3,IPO3 - Reko

Reko - bite quality
Reko's Page


Cynosport Games - 17 months (LR: Pico, Soja, Kesa, Emmy)
LA Seminar - 22 months (Emmy, Raika)


Sprite's Eureka SchH2 UD TD - Raika
Denise Fenzi - Schutzhund
CHIC/OFA Excellent/Elbows normal/Thyroid normal/CERF clear

Raika's page

Sprite's Entertaining Choice SchH3 AX AXJ NF PC MJ NW3 - Emmy
Kim Buchanan - Agility/Schutzhund/Dock Diving/Nosework
OFA Good/Elbows normal/Cardiac normal/Thyroid normal, CERF clear '05

Emmy baby picture
Emmy 13w
Emmy Schutzhund training - 7m (1 meg WMV)
Emmy 14m - headstudy ©Cheryl Bavister
Dock diving - Cynosport World Games (Flash)
Agility debut - JWW WMV (1.5 meg) | (Flash8)
LA Seminar - 22 months (Emmy with Raika)
Dock diving video - Orange, CA WMV (640k) | (Flash8)
See Emmy's website

MACH Sprite's Exhilerating Ride XF AD - Thrill
AKC Agility Top 100 - All Breeds/Jump Heights
Nancy Von Haden - Agility
OFA Good/Elbows normal, CERF clear '05,'06

Thrill baby picture
Thrill 6m - agility "get out"
Thrill 6m - agility "get out"
Thrill 10m - headstudy
Thrill 10m - stack
Thrill 12m - distance work
Thrill 13m - bar jump photo by Tien Tran
Herding 15m - Flash (1.5 meg) or MOV (4 meg)
Agility - jww Flash (1.5 meg) or MOV (3 meg)
Agility - St. Louis MOV (3.3 meg) | (Flash8)
Agility - Exc Std Flash (3 meg)
Thrill 2 year - collapsed tunnel photo by Tien Tran
Thrill 2 year - weaves photo by Pet Personalities
Thrill 3 year - teeter
See Thrill's YouTube videos

Sprite's Europa EJ TD NA - Pico
2006 DockDogs National Elite Vice Champion
Anna Balsamo - Agility, Tracking, Dock Diving
OFA Prelim'd Excellent Hips/Normal elbows

Pico baby picture
Pico 13w - profile photo by Marcia Tokson
Pico 5m - profile
Pico 5m - pumpkin picking
Pico 6m - headstudy
Pico 6m - pounce
Pico 12m - tire change
Pico 12m - side
Headstudy - 20m
Tracking - 20m
Tracking style - 20m
Agility panel jump - 2y
Agility weaves - 2y
Dock diving video - St. Louis (Flash) | (Flash8)
Dock diving video - Winneconne 1 WMV | (Flash8)
Dock diving video - Winneconne 2 WMV | (Flash8)
Dock diving launch - Winneconne (25'!)
Dock diving launch - Winneconne (25'2")
Medal shot - Winneconne
See Pico's blog

Sprite's Epic Tergosa MX MXJ MAD TM - Kesa
Mark Dillemuth - Agility
OFA Good/Elbows normal

Kesa baby picture
Kesa 11w - sit
Kesa 5m - leap
Kesa herding training - 7m (Flash6)
Kesa 12m - side
Kesa 12m - headstudy
Kesa 2.5y - sitting pretty
Agility video - USDAA Grand Prix, Filmore, CA Real Media (3.3 megs)
Agility video - USDAA Steeplechase, Filmore, CA Real Media (3.2 megs)
See Kesa's webpage

Pedigree: Reko x Soja

Tarkatan's Ammoniakki SchH3,IPO3 (T) CTr I'Yankee du Domaine du Titisee FR3 (T) CTr Dusty du clos de Savoie (M) Atos FR3 (M)
Bea du Creux Thatcher (M)
Darling de la Perle du Ruisseau (M) Fico von Lowenfels RCI3 (M)
Udine de la Fontaine du Buis (M)
Umlaut van de Duvetorre IPO3,SchH3 (T) Stoned van de Duvetorre IPO3,SchH3 (M) Elgos du Chemin des Plaines FR3,MR3 (M)
Pita (M)
Pigrine (M) Nuts (M)
Lara du Boscaille (M)
ADCH Soja Sprite's Brea du Trieu de Leers SchH3 UDX TDX AX OAJ (T) CTr Lewis (T) Felgos du Chemin des Plaines FR3 (M) Elgos du Chemin des Plaines FR3,MR3 (M)
Bianca du Clan des Samourais (M)
Halva FR1 (M) Billy de Mallassagne FR3 (M)
Fleur du Patios des Bergers (M)
Oursonne du Trieu de Leers (T) End du Musher FR3 (T) CTr Arock de la Source Bien Aimee (T)
Aupale du Musher FR2,RCI2,SpH (T)
Fiona du Vert Touquet (T) Snoupy de la Cite Des Mauges FR3 (T)
Cuiny de la Terre Aimee (T)

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