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Breeding Program

"D" Litter (Forte x Isis)

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The Isis x Forte litter arrived on May 28, 2003, with a whopping 11 puppies (5m/6f)!

This breeding represents the next step in my breeding program, pulling from my foundation male, Justin (American performance bloodlines) with a strong French and Belgian Ring influence from both parents. We have high expectations for these little guys and gals.

This litter shows the willingness to please, stability, friendliness, agility and strong working drives of both parents. At the same time, this combination was made to improve the "strike" on the protection field, bite quality, tracking ability, and overall breed type.



Sprite's Con Forte de Fanfare CDX,SchH3,IPO3,FH - Forte

Forte's Page


Sierra Sprite's Isis du Trieu de Leers SchH1 - Isis

Isis' Page


Sprite's Destination Unknown - Diago
Harris Family - Schutzhund, Agility

Diago baby picture
Diago 7m (stack)
Diago 7m (schutzhund)
Diago 7m (schutzhund)
Diago 7m (schutzhund)
Diago 12m (schutzhund)
Diago 17m (agility)

Sprite's Dashiell BH - Dash
Parnow Family - Schutzhund

Dash baby picture
Dash 15w
Dash 15m (stack)
Dash 15m (silhouette)

Sprite's Dark Side BH - Loki
Deb Kelly - Schutzhund
CHIC/OFA Excellent/Elbows normal/Thyroid normal/CERF D3a

Loki baby picture
Loki 8m (soccer)
Loki 8m (soccer)
Loki 18m (corporate dog)
Loki headstudy - 4 years
Loki sitting pretty - 4 years

U-PA Sprite's Deja Vu - Gino
Maureen Barrett - Ringsport/PP
OFA Excellent/Normal elbows

Gino baby picture
Gino 7m
Gino 7m (grip)
Gino 7m (legbite)
Gino 7m (takedown)

Sprite's D'Maximus - Max
Lackey Family - Pet

Max baby picture
Max 5m
Max 2 years


Sprite's Diva SchH3 IPO3 FH - Diva
Christopher Rowley - Schutzhund
OVC Normal hips/elbows #0035953

Diva baby picture
Diva 5m (antlers)
Diva 8m (stack)
Diva 8m (hold and bark)
Diva 8m (tug)
2 years (heeling)
2 years (voraus)
2 years (escape)
2 years (grip)
Bitework w/Michael Ellis - 3.5y ©Tracy Riley

Sprite's Dynamic Fanfare - Lyric
Molly Butler - Herding, Obedience, Agility
OFA Excellent hips/elbows

Lyric baby picture
Lyric 18w
Lyric 6m
Lyric 7m (stack)
Lyric 16m (tug)
Lyric 2y (headstudy)
Lyric (3.5) & Forte

Sprite's Découverte - Allez
Lori Chou - Sledding, Agility, Obedience, Conformation
OFA Good/Normal elbows/CERF clear '03, '05

Allez baby picture
Allez 5m (snow)
Allez 7m (two-dog hitch)
Allez 7m (two-dog hitch)
Allez 7m (six-dog team)
Allez 7m (six-dog team)
Allez 17m (six-dog cart)
Allez 2y (headstudy)
Allez 2y (portrait)

Sprite's Double or Nothing CGC - Rogue
Christina Dutchler - SAR

Rogue baby picture
Rogue 8m (SAR training)
Rogue 8m (SAR training)
Rogue 8m (sit)
Rogue 8m (down)
Rogue 2y (hangtime)

Sprite's Destiny - Karma
Lauck Family - Obedience, Agility

Karma baby picture
Karma 4m
Karma 7m (stack)
Karma 7m (herding)
Karma 7m (herding)
Karma 3.5 years (portrait in snow)

Sprite's Dreaming Down Under - Wylie
Plona Family - Pet

Wylie baby picture
Wylie (tunnel)
Wylie 5m (cast)
Wylie 2y (headstudy)
Wylie 2y (sitting pretty)

You can find more pictures of the litter growing up at auntie Molly's website on the Sprite Pups page.

Pedigree: Forte x Isis

Sprite's Con Forte de Fanfare CDX SchH3 IPO3 FH Ch HR Legacy's Mountain Sprite UDT OA AD SchH3 IPO1 FH HIC DC HR Timberline Charswirl's Ace CDX STDsI HTDII Ch Ochiama's L'Massif DelaCorps CDX
Tervific's Cinnamon Swirl
Amber of Willowrose Ch Picturesque Risque Bizness CD NA
Winnie De Loup Noir
Rapine du Chenil de France PT (T) Vanupieds des Anges de L'enfer SchH3 IPO3 FH FR3 (T) CTr Marlo de la Fecht FR3 (T)
Tixie de Chateau de Mirabeau FR1 (T)
(Sister Tanga FR2 Brother Tilt FR3)
Cybele des Anges de L'Enfer (T)
RE CH Sam de la Douce Plaine (T)
Vixie des Anges de L'Enfer BTr (T)
Sprite's Isis Sierra du Trieu de Leers SchH1 (T) CTr Lewis FR3 (T) Felgos du Chemin des Plaines FR3 (M) Elgos du Chemin des Plaines FR3 MR3 (M)
Bianca du Clan des Samourais (M)
Halva FR1 (M) Billy de Mallassagne FR3 (M)
Fleur du Patios des Bergers (M)
One Lady du Trieu de Leers (T) Gunter Des Anges de L'enfer FR3 (T) CTr Rodrigue Des Pierres de Chalin FR3 (T)
Dune du Creux Thatcher FR3 (T)
Linka du Vert Touquet (T) Junker du Clos Malafoux FR3 (T)
Fiona du Vert Touquet (T)

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