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Brags & Trial Results - 2013

Denise Fenzi opened the Fenzi Dog Sports On-Line Academy! The academy allows students from throughout the world to study the sports of Obedience, Rally, Nosework, IPO, Tracking, Dog Behavior and an impressive list of electives, all from their own home using dog friendly training techniques! Instructors are selected from around the world for their accomplishments, compassionate training style and commitment to education. To learn more about the academy, please visit our website at:
Between the Fenzi academy, Denise's personal seminar schedule, writing, and family obligations, breeding dogs is on hold indefinitely and this website is no longer being updated, though Sprite pups continue to do extremely well in a range of dog sports. Thanks to all who have supported me throughout the years!

Brags & Trial Results - 2012

A big congratulations to Kim Bucannan and Sprite's Entertaining Choice ("Emmy") on being the first dog of any breed to earn the Nosework 3 title!
Congratulations to Team Cisu for finishing their Obedience Trial Championship with a 198 and 2nd place out of Utility B under Judge Curtis Cunningham at the San Mateo Kennel Club Show in Vallejo, California! Cisu is the first Belgian Shepherd of any variety to earn both an OTCH and a SchH3 title, and is only the second known dog of any breed to achieve this honor!

Brags & Trial Results - 2011

Huge congratulations to Marie McLinn and Tilt (F-litter) for their USDAA Nationals Grand Prix win in the hotly contested 22" Performance division.
Congratulations Denise and Cisu for their recent Obedience performances...Day one: First place and High in Trial out of Open B with a 199.5 under Judge Susie Osburn, Second place with a 194.5 out of Utility B under Sharon Redmer taking home High Combined, High in Trial and 10 OTCH points. Day two: First in Utility with a 196 and 10 OTCH points, Second in Open with a 195 and 2 OTCH points.
Kathy McClain and Kaleb (K-Litter) earn his IPO2 at American Working Malinois Association Nationals under Judge Michael Caputo (T) and Hari Arcon (OP), with scores of 83-84-88 and High IPO2.
Congratulations to Kathy and Kaleb for earning their Schutzhund Tracking 2 (TR2) title
Sprite's "L" litter arrived on August 4 with four boys and three girls! Mommy Lyric and Papa Ali are very proud, and all are doing well. There may be a male puppy available to an experienced working home, preferably agility. If you are an experienced handler of a high drive breed, feel free to contact me for more information.
Congratulations to Rob and "Wings" - Sprite's Haute Volée, earning their AKC Agility Championship (MACH)!
Congratulations to Amy and "Score" - Sprite's Got Game, earning the third leg of his AKC Companion Dog (CD) title with a 198 and the third leg of his AKC Excellent Standard (AX) title.
Congratulations to Barbara and Gracie earning their UKC companion Dog Excellent (CDX) in high style with a 197.5 HIT, 199.5 HIT, 199.5 HIT and 199 HIT!
Congrats to Denise and Cisu, who trialed in Utility under Judge Linda Hause, earning a 193 and 3rd place for 1 OTCH point.
Congratulations to Jason Murphy with Flash (J-Litter) who earned their VPG1 title and High Protection Dog with a score of 96 at the DVG Midwest KG Championship.
Congratulations to Jason Murphy with Flash (J-Litter) and Kathy McClain with Kaleb (K-Litter) on their participation at the AWDF nationals. Flash earned his IPO1 title with scores of 75-84-90 and 4th place while Kaleb picked up a 96 in protection, the highest protection score at the event and only V-rated Protection score!
Congratulations to Marie McLinn with Tilt (F-Litter), and Nancy Von Haden with Thrill (E-Litter) for participating in the 2011 AKC agility nationals. Both dogs did extremely well, with Tilt "one knocked bar" from the final round, and Thrill winning one round from the 20" class!
Congratulations to Denise and Raika (E-Litter), who earned her Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH) and UDX in style this weekend with three first placements and two HITs.
Congratulations to Peg and Baloo (H-Litter) on a first place in Utility B, High Combined, and another 20 OTCH points in Little Rock, Arkansas
Congratulations to Kathy McClain and Sprite's Knick Knack of Fanfare - Kaleb, on earning their Schutzhund 1 (SchH1)
Congratulations Barbara and Gracie (K-Litter) on two HITs with scores of 199.5 out of Novice
Congratulations to Denise and Raika (E-Litter) on another HIT under judge Jill Jones at the Santa Cruz Kennel Club show in Vallejo, CA with a score of 199+ out of Open B. Raika also finished her UDX!
Congratulations to Marie and Tilt (F-Litter) for earning their last Super Q to earn their USDAA Agility Dog Championship (ADCH). Tilt also won the Gold Medal with her Dobie teammate in the DAM team on Friday and Saturday earned a first in Performance Speed Jumping.
Congratulations to Peg and Sprite's Hullabaloo - Baloo for earning their Utility Dog (UD) title in fine style.

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