the fire within...

Sprite Tervuren

Pico checking out the 
water fountain at 8 weeks - Now Sprite's Europa EJ TD

The word "sprite" comes from the Latin spiritus or "breath of life." It is sometimes used to describe an elvish or mischievous spirit present in nature. Our kennel name, Sprite Tervuren, reflects our belief in the innate vitality, keen intelligence, and sense of humor — the fire within — that should be present in a Belgian Tervuren.

At Sprite Tervuren, we strive to breed dogs that demonstrate these qualities. We also value stability, trainability, enthusiasm for work, and physical soundness. It is our belief that this combination of qualities produces a Tervuren who excels in life, both as a pet and as a competitive working dog.

Although we recognize and appreciate the physical qualities that combine to produce a beautiful dog for the conformation ring, our primary interest lies in preserving and improving temperament and working ability. A secondary goal is to maintain breeding stock that have sufficient breed type to be easily recognizable as Tervuren, and occasionally to breed a dog capable of finishing a breed championship in conformation shows.

All puppies produced at Sprite have FCI-recognized pedigrees and are eligible for AKC registration.

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